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Like play, parenting is more fun together.

Union Square Play

About USP Online

USP Online started out as a place for our Mom Groups to come together and our Play Pack parents to find each other. It has quickly expanded to a thriving community of parents seeking advice, sharing perspectives, and finding others with little ones under the age of three.

The early years of parenting were never easy and the pandemic only added more complexities to our plates. It also put a spotlight on the need for meaningful and relatable support from others. We've devoted all of our resources and energy to  building something like does just that. We're excited you are here.

Inside you'll get

Content from topic experts.
Community events and meetups.
Insights and learnings from our intimate Mom Groups.
DIY activities from our popular Play Packs.
Straight-up back-to-school classes on parenting.
Classes with the one-and-only Dionne Kamara.
and of course, other moms just like you.

There's an iOS and Android app so we'll always be there for you. Join us. We promise to make it worthy of your precious time as a parent with a little one. We got you.

We're on a mission

to make the early years of parenting a little bit easier, a lot more fun, and very communal through private, expert led Mom Groups, our activity filled Play Packs, and the growing community of parents on the USP App.

About Union Square Play

Union Square Play is the love child of an early childhood and parenting educator, a hospitality expert, and the former director of operations for Thomas Keller.

We are three parents who were raising our babies, pursuing our dreams, and just trying to keep.it.together when our paths crossed at the perfect time. We all felt the need for a community and play space that put children and parents first. The stars and our visions aligned, and Union Square Play was born.

Our first foray was a bustling play space in Union Square, NYC. What started as a space to bring the best programming for children under three in a parent friendly format has grown into national Mom Groups, internationally distributed Play Packs, and a thriving digital community with the USP App

What we've learned with the space, the groups, and the packs is that community is the most powerful of all.

Much like parenthood, we’re learning as we grow—each one of us leveraging our unique background to create a thriving community.

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